Elder Justice Summit

2023 Elder Justice Summit Banner with logos, QR code and a mission statement that reads "Partnering to Prevent and Respond to Abuse and Neglect of Elder Dependent Adults".
Start time 2023-09-20 08:30
Finished Time 2023-09-20 04:30
Address DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Sonoma Wine Country: 1 Doubletree Dr. Rohnert Park, CA 94928

Partnering to Prevent and Respond to Abuse and Neglect of Elder and Dependent Adults

Attend the 2023 Elder Justice Summit on Wednesday September 20th from 8:30-4:30pm at the Doubletree Hotel in Rohnert Park, CA (Sonoma County). This Summit brings together leaders from a variety of disciplines to discuss proactive approaches to elder justice as well as the challenges facing dependent adults or those living with different abilities. Sessions will promote forward-thinking solutions to the challenges around aging and inspire participants to look to the future for innovative solutions.

The Adult and Aging Departments of Marin, Napa and Sonoma County are providing this forum to look to the future of elder justice in the North Bay and across our state. Topic tracks include gerontology, financial crimes, public policy and equity/inclusion. Speakers come from the medical field, legal programs, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, public policy leaders, local district attorneys, the Department of Justice, the CA Welfare Directors Association and a 24-hour crisis intervention team. We’ll have 16 different breakout session and a keynote speaker with breakfast and lunch included. Tabling and exhibitor opportunities are available.

The content of this Summit goes beyond talking about our demographic challenges, abuse prevention and response, or reiterating the challenges of serving the older adult and disabled communities. Rather, the content has been curated to envision future efforts and discuss on a systemic level what can be possible when it comes to creating a just society for all members, where older and disabled adults are recognized for their value while being supported in their needs through applying a collaborative, interdisciplinary approach. Register Now! bit.ly/3PqGhd6

Join public sector leaders addressing challenges older and dependent adults face in California. Topics include:

  • Civil and Criminal Legal Context
  • Master Plan for Aging
  • Equity and Justice
  • Scams and Financial Exploitation
  • Prosecution Tactics
  • Geropsychology
  • and more!

This Summit is Ideal for:

  • Adult Protective Services
  • PA/PG/PC
  • Elder Protection Partners
  • Civil Attorneys
  • Abuse Investigators

Session materials include:

2023 Elder Justice Summit Presentation Materials:

1. Ali Chiu:

Understanding the Harm of Ableism in Preventing Elder Abuse Elder Justice Summit 9-202023

2. California Elder Justice Coalition: Lisa Nerenberg, Donna Benton andCarol Sewell https://www.elderjusticecal.org/

CEJC Blueprint Session

Blueprint link:https://www.elderjusticecal.org/uploads/1/0/1/7/101741090/cejc_blueprint2023_web.pdf

3. Dr. Canio, Dr. Carlson and Dr. Finnemore ‘Myths vs. Reality in Working with Medical Professionals in Supporting Older and Dependent Adults: How Not to Get Lost in Translation between Fields’


4. David Franklin ‘Elder Abuse Forensic Center Model & a Neuropsych Perspective on the Complexity of Capacity’

DFranklin Sonoma EJ Summit 092023

5. Donna Bentom ‘African American Elder Mistreatment’

DBenton AA and elder justice sonoma

6. Elece Hempel & Lt. Brian Miller ‘Implementation of a 24-hour Crisis Intervention Response Team for Law Enforcement’

PPT: Implementation of Crisis Intervention 2023

7. Jenefer Duane & Lisa Shifferle:  Elder Fraud Prevention and Response Networks

Networks presentation for Sonoma Elder Justice Summit Duane and Shifferle – PDF for posting

MSOA PPT for Sonoma Elder Justice Summit Duane and Shifferle PDF

8. Katie Fleet: ‘Securities and Exchange Commission Efforts to Combat Fraud’

KFleet SEC San Francisco Presentation

9. Miss Marianna

10. Shawna Reeves and Kirsten Fish: ‘Elder Financial Abuse: What Financial Institutions Can Do to Prevent It

SReeves and KFish Elder Financial Abuse Presentation

11. Shelly Scott and Lori Frugoli ‘Deed Fraud ‘

SScott Lfrugoli BOS Deed Fraud PPT 1.25.23

12. Dr. Todd Finnemore ‘ Scammed: Why the Best in Us Creates the Worst for Us The Psychology of How Personal Narrative is an Unyielding Hook for Scammers’

TFinnemore Hooked_Elder_Justice_9-20-23

13. Tommy Brennan:  Prosecuting Elder Abusers

TBrennan Elder Justice Summit Presentation

14. Dr. Yolanda Mangrum ‘Consequences of Oral Health Neglect in Elderly’

YMangrumConsquence of Oral Health Neglect in Elderly