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2023 Elder Justice Summit Presentation Materials: 

1. Ali Chiu: 

Understanding the Harm of Ableism in Preventing Elder Abuse Elder Justice Summit 9-202023


2. California Elder Justice Coalition: Lisa Nerenberg, Donna Benton andCarol Sewell https://www.elderjusticecal.org/

CEJC Blueprint Session

Blueprint link:https://www.elderjusticecal.org/uploads/1/0/1/7/101741090/cejc_blueprint2023_web.pdf 



3. Dr. Canio, Dr. Carlson and Dr. Finnemore ‘Myths vs. Reality in Working with Medical Professionals in Supporting Older and Dependent Adults: How Not to Get Lost in Translation between Fields’



4. David Franklin ‘Elder Abuse Forensic Center Model & a Neuropsych Perspective on the Complexity of Capacity’

DFranklin Sonoma EJ Summit 092023


5. Donna Bentom ‘African American Elder Mistreatment’

DBenton AA and elder justice sonoma


6. Elece Hempel & Lt. Brian Miller ‘Implementation of a 24-hour Crisis Intervention Response Team for Law Enforcement’ 

PPT: Implementation of Crisis Intervention 2023


7. Jenefer Duane & Lisa Shifferle:  Elder Fraud Prevention and Response Networks

Networks presentation for Sonoma Elder Justice Summit Duane and Shifferle – PDF for posting

MSOA PPT for Sonoma Elder Justice Summit Duane and Shifferle PDF

8. Katie Fleet: ‘Securities and Exchange Commission Efforts to Combat Fraud’ 

KFleet SEC San Francisco Presentation

9. Miss Marianna  


10. Shawna Reeves and Kirsten Fish: ‘Elder Financial Abuse: What Financial Institutions Can Do to Prevent It

SReeves and KFish Elder Financial Abuse Presentation

11. Shelly Scott and Lori Frugoli ‘Deed Fraud ‘

SScott Lfrugoli BOS Deed Fraud PPT 1.25.23

12. Dr. Todd Finnemore ‘ Scammed: Why the Best in Us Creates the Worst for Us The Psychology of How Personal Narrative is an Unyielding Hook for Scammers’ 

TFinnemore Hooked_Elder_Justice_9-20-23

13. Tommy Brennan:  Prosecuting Elder Abusers

TBrennan Elder Justice Summit Presentation

14. Dr. Yolanda Mangrum ‘Consequences of Oral Health Neglect in Elderly’

YMangrumConsquence of Oral Health Neglect in Elderly

What can you do about Elder Abuse?  Call Adult Protective Services at (707) 565-5940. Call for Information and Assistance (707) 565-INFO (4636). Find help on the web.  

Visit our Calendar to find about events you can attend to leard more about Elder Abuse Prevention efforts in Sonoma County https://senioradvocacyservices.org/calendar/

The Elder Justice Initiative is a coalition of Sonoma County organizations unified in the common goal of elder justice. The coalition strives to ensure seniors are safe and supported in Sonoma County with dignity, honor and respect.  Members work together to ensure vulnerable seniors are safe and supported through active collaboration.   

Coalition activities include:

  • Elder Abuse awareness presentations on the topics of ‘Frauds, Scams, and Other Types of Abuse’ available at no cost to community groups looking to learn more about how we can protect ourselves.
  • Publicity and awareness campaigns to encourage community members to think about the well-being of older adults around us.
  • Professional Trainings on elder abuse for law enforcement, first responders and mandated reporters.
  • Addressing gaps in services and connecting agencies serving older adults though coalition agreements and protocols and case consultations. 

Professionals from the community known as the Financial Abuse Specialist Team (FAST) present complex cases in confidential meetings to review possible solutions.  The FAST team includes financial experts who also volunteer to review complex financial cases providing analysis for criminal prosecution. 

Monthly Multidisciplinary teams review 1-3 cases each meeting with over 30 participants regularly attending coalition meetings.ut

Elderly Victimization chart
# cases reviewed by coalition partners in MDT
# cases reviewed by coalition partners in MDT
# cases of elder abuse in Sonoma County in 2021*
# cases of elder abuse in Sonoma County in 2021*

* from both Adult Protective Services and the Long-Term Care Ombudsman

A component of the Elder Justice Initiative is a specific group.  The Financial Abuse Specialist Team (FAST) is a partnership of public and private multidisciplinary professionals who volunteer their time to facilitate comprehensive services specifically focusing on victims of financial elder abuse. Financial abuse can be as serious, and as life-threatening, as actual physical abuse to older adults whose health and emotional welfare is dependent on their financial resources.

FAST consultants include representatives from law enforcement, the probate court, senior services, government, health care, legal services, financial services, and real estate. These individuals meet together monthly to assist those dealing with cases of financial elder abuse in identifying procedures and providing services to assist victims of financial abuse. The FAST team contributes their assistance to workers from Adult Protective Services (APS), the Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program, the Public Guardian and local law enforcement.

Volunteer with

The Financial Abuse Specialist Team has a place for you