Welcome to Senior Advocacy Services. Our agency has served the North Bay region for over 30 years through a large team of dedicated volunteers supported by a small group of staff. In our nonprofit organization you will find one common theme which is our commitment to advocating with respect as seniors and disabled individuals face the challenges of aging in a complicated world. I would encourage you to get involved with us. Bring your energy and resources and find out how to change the world by participating through volunteerism or a donation.
-Crista Barnett Nelson, Executive Director
"Good people doing <br>good work."

"Good people doing
good work."

~crista barnett-nelson
Board of Directors

Board of Directors

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Senior Advocacy is recognized as the trusted resource for seniors and their families in the North Bay.

Senior Advocacy Services collaborates with older adults to preserve their rights, dignity, and quality of life through the provision of vital information, resources, and advocacy programs.

  • To be recognized as a vital resource for the North Bay senior community
  • Explore diverse funding stream opportunities
  • Maintain SAS board with diverse members who represent the community
  • Responsible execution of program contracts

Join us in thanking and supporting the donating sponsors listed below who contribute financially so this agency is able to continue advocating for those in the communities we serve.