Connect With Confidence

This event is over 30 years old. Attendees are homeowners, gourmet foodies who love to travel and are passionate about supporting the work we do. In sponsoring Pick of the Vine you will connect with leaders in the community – politicians, business owners, law enforcement agencies, long term care facility staff, volunteers and more.

Why Sponsor?

Increase your Exposure to not only those who attend Pick of the Vine, but the community at large. Your logo/company name are added to the website and recognition on Social Media. You’ll attract new customers and supporters. Your sponsorship allows Senior Advocacy Services to increase our reach to a population at risk.

What it Means to be a Sponsor

Sponsors share our commitment to standing with vulnerable seniors and our vision of providing information, advocacy and building a Northbay that is based on dignity for our aging population. We offer you the chance to partner with us in our marketing efforts. We increase your brand awareness with the opportunity to make new customers.