Every year EVERYTHING changes

Every year EVERYTHING changes

Did you know you might be paying hundreds of dollars more for your Medicare Part D coverage in 2023?  If you don’t check, you won’t know and will continue to light $100 bills on fire throughout the year.

Will your Doctors and Medicare providers still be contracted with your Advantage managed care plan next year?  In many cases, the answer is No!  If you don’t check, how would you know?

That’s why HICAP is here are your truly UNBIASED source so you can make more informed decisions as you step out there and deal with agents, plans, commercials and solicitations from entities that have an alterior motive to sell you something.  HICAP is glad to be your trusted source for what is changing next year and what options will be best for your pocket book and your health.

Make this the year to evaluate your Medicare with our help.

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