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I am a Retirement Income Certified Professional and principal of Willowtree Financial & Insurance Services in Santa Rosa California.  As a financial advisor**, I have learned that many people are not prepared the many aspects of transitioning into our later years and that is how I came to find Senior Advocacy Services.

My family history helped me prepare for guiding others with these transitions. My grandmother had Alzheimer’s, my father had cancer and my mother had a long battle with Parkinson’s disease. Exploring my own feelings surrounding my mother’s Parkinson’s diagnosis, while trying to navigate her care made me I realized that most people aren’t armed with the information and support they need.  I am dedicated to helping people understand the emotional, spiritual, and financial stress an extended care event can put on a family. Educating families on long term care funding options is an important part of my practice.

As an agent of the New York Life Insurance Company, I have learned how volunteering and Community service is an important part of raising awareness. I look forward to bringing my background in this area to help more people in our community know all of the resources and education this group has to offer.

**Financial Adviser offering investment advisory services through Eagle Strategies, LLC, A Registered Investment Adviser. Willowtree Financial & Insurance Services is independently owned and operated from NYLIFE Securities and its affiliates.