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Tony Pinochi
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Tony is a retired Police Sergeant and was with the Healdsburg Police Department for over 21 years.  While in the department, he investigated property crimes, violent crimes and elder abuse cases.  After his retirement he started a bio-hazard clean up business which focused mainly on hoarder cleanouts and bio hazard cleaning.  During this time, he grew to understand the various needs that our seniors in our communities’ face.  Both of Tony’s parents are previously deceased, but he still has a desire to help seniors who can’t help or provide for themselves with various needs.  He sees the need for love, support and care needed for our wonderful senior population.

Joining the board of Senior Advocacy Services, allows Tony to reach to a large pool of seniors who need a voice, need support and just need someone to be there for them when family members can’t.  SAS was just the place to do this work.  While the SAS team reaches out to those in need, Tony feels like being on the board helps support the effort.

This is the second time around on the board for Tony, April 2013 to July 2014 he was on this board and on the board of Sonoma County Section on Aging as well.  Tony loves to help people and works hard to be a part of team with a broader vision to help as many seniors in need as possible.