Thank you for turning to HICAP for unbiased help searching Medigap Supplemental Plan rates based on the information you provide in the worksheet below.

We complete a detailed search through exclusive access provided to SHIP/HICAP programs nationally and statewide through CSG Actuarial in Omaha, Nebraska. We return results of the 3 least expensive Medigap plan companies specific to the details your provide below.  This report will give you a place to start as you shop  around and compare rates.

Each company has  different monthly premiums for the same supplemental plan.  Currently there are 29 companies that sell the various Medigap plans through their contracted agents who receive a commission when you enroll with them.  For those who turned 65 on or after January 1, 2020, plans C and F are not available.

In addition to the standard and high deductible plans, there are a few companies that sell “Innovative” plans which offer additional benefits.

Here are the various Medigap plans and the associated Medicare Part A and B deductibles, coinsurance and copay benefits which are covered by the different plans (letters of the alphabet):

IMPORTANT: Enrollment and any changes thereafter, have very specific timelines which must be understood or rate protections called “guaranteed issue” could be lost.

For an in depth understanding, contact HICAP for an unbiased 1-on-1 appointment by calling our office at 800-434-0222 or attending a seminar on the topic on our website calendar.

The report takes approximately 10 days to complete and return.