Our staff combines expertise in senior services, long term care, public health, health services, education, outreach to diverse communities and non-profit program and fiscal management. 

Agency Staff

Crista Chelemedos, Executive Director/Ombudsman Program Coordinator (Ext 111)

Kanani Reynolds, Business Manager

Lindsey Oliver, Admin. Asst.

Ann Carinalli, Financial Director


Ken Palinkas, HICAP Program Manager (Ext 105)
Alan Piombo, HICAP  Asst. Program Mgr./Counselor/ WebMaster (Ext 201)
Betti Conder, HICAP Outreach Coordinator (Ext 203)
Karen Albright, HICAP Volunteer Coordinator (Ext 104)
Christina Rivera, HICAP Bilingual Counselor (Ext 106)
Mella Mincberg, HICAP  Counselor (Ext 118)
Yani Suhandynata, HICAP Administrative Assistant (Ext 117)

Ombudsman Staff

Kathy Baldassari, Ombudsman / Volunteer Coordinator (Ext 110)
LaVonna Casey, Ombudsman, Comm. Rep. Sonoma Developmental Center (Ext 119)
Barbara Eastes, Ombudsman (Ext 113)
Victoria Spinner, Ombudsman (Ext 115)