Ombudsman Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

What does an Ombudsman do?

•    Makes regular, unannounced visits to licensed long-term care facilities
•    Works to resolve the resident’ concerns and complaints
•    Investigates allegations of elder abuse in licensed long-term care facilities
•    Witnesses Advance Health Care Directives in nursing facilities

Why become a state-certified Ombudsman?

•    To help long-term care residents who have no one else to turn to with their concerns and complaints
•    To educate residents about their rights
•    To make a real difference in the lives of lonely residents who often feel powerless
•    To be constantly challenged by new and different situations
•    To be able to draw from your life skills and experiences to be an effective advocate
•    To be part of a community of volunteers who are passionate about helping the elderly
•    To volunteer on a flexible basis, that fits into your schedule
•    To receive much more than you put in

What are the prerequisites to become a state-certified Ombudsman for the Sonoma County Ombudsman Program?

•    Be at least 18 years old
•    Have not been employed, nor have a family member employed by a long-term care facility in the past 12 months    
•    Submit an application
•    Pass a criminal records check (federal and state)
•    Have a valid California driver’s license and proof of insurance

Training requirements for state certification:

•    Successful completion of a 40-hour certification training program
•    Mentored visits to long-term care facilities
•    Pay $20 fee for printed materials — scholarships available upon request
•    Complete 12 hours of training each year to maintain state-certification

What is the time commitment for a Certified Ombudsman?

•    14 hours per month
•    10 hours a year continuing education
•    Hours are flexible, according to your schedule

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